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Finding the right contractor for your demolition no matter the size and complexity is important on many fronts. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself and your contractor these very important questions.


  • Is your business more than a transaction to your contractor?
  • Is your contractor able or willing to commit his resources to all of your needs—small and large?
  • Can you rely on your contractor to be a resource?


  • Does your contractor need up-front money for “mobilization expenses?”
  • Is this business his primary form of income or something he does on the side?
  • Does he know how state and local regulations apply to your project?
  • Can he pull the permit?


  • Who is assuming the consequences for the actions of your contractor and his/her employees?
  • Does he carry general liability, worker’s compensation and auto insurance in the amounts that can cover the damage he can cause?
  • Who is supervising your demolition project?
  • Where are they dumping YOUR debris?
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